Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sam the celebrity

do you recognize this photo?

janice (my boss) was encouraging me to do a cover comp for an upcoming book using this photo of sam. i was pretty sure that the group wouldn't go for it (there's usually a lot of discussion about having just one kid or ethnicity on anything we do and blah blah blah). but about 15 minutes before the meeting, i gave in and worked up a cover with sam on it. as soon as the group saw it (and they're not the easiest group to please, let me tell you), the unanimous statement was, "that's it. that's the cover."

so sam is not only co-starring in illustrations, he's now a full-fledged model.

good to know that i'm not just filling up memory cards for nothin'.


mom h said...

Probably not the sort of things most moms take pictures of, either. Love the shoes!

Ang said...

Agreed. The picture taking Mom is also the celebrity :)


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