Saturday, May 12, 2012

making—freezer paper stencils

i've been dying to try freezer paper stencils for ages (i swear i've had this roll of freezer paper stacked away in my cupboard for more than two years), but i was recently trying to figure out ways to make sam's old white onesies seem a little bit more special (before they get handed down) and decided that this is the perfect opportunity to finally give this stencil thing a go.
i'm still not quite sure what i want to put on the onesies (can't do initials because she hasn't got a name yet, don't want to do hearts or flowers or other girlie stuff because that's just too, i don't know...the word boring comes to mind), so i thought i'd just experiment on my own t-shirts first (and even this was a stretch when it came down to it, hence the triangles).
i think the end result was okay. you can totally see places where i should've pressed harder with the iron when ironing on the stencil (or been more careful with the paint, or both), but now that i've done one, i'm totally hooked. i want to stencil everything!
i love this inspiration, and i pinned a tutorial here.
now what are you waiting for? i'm sure you've got an old, boring tee with a stain on it just waiting to be upgraded, don't you?

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