Thursday, May 17, 2012

hello again, third trimester

here i am at 27 weeks (and still with the wacky hair. i really should do something about that.) the jumping bean proceeds to jump, kick, and dance often (as does sam, who makes sure she's getting a constant soundtrack of beatles, disney songs, and music from the star wars movies to dance to).
and speaking of sam, he is developing quite the penchant for interesting headgear. here he is wearing mike's black shorts on his head (his "darth vadar mask"):

and here is a photo that was taken after i asked him to put on his pull-up for naptime:

my favorite anecdote from this week is from monday morning. on our way to the train stop sam said, "my heart is broken. it has spicy things in it." it sounded like he had heartburn (though i doubt he could get heartburn from the mini-wheats he ate with mike). there were no more reports of broken hearts since.
i know i say it often, but if sam's little sister is even half as amusing as her big brother, we are in for LOTS of entertainment.

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