Sunday, January 22, 2012


inspired by this pin on pinterest, i got a large quantity of pasta and made some noodleflake ornaments. they were a lot of fun, though the drying time made them a somewhat frustrating a craft (particularly for young and/or inpatient crafters).
the original pin used only wheels and honeycombs, but i added in some penne and mini-penne, and i thought they turned out really well. i also skipped the glitter because i prefer small contained messes, and i thought they had a nice rustic, naturalness to them in their native noodley state. if you're the glittery type (or feel like wielding a bit of spray paint), by all means, go to it.

when we were searching for crafts to do at church, we used pinterest as our go-to resource for crafty ideas. i'll admit to pinning a lot more project ideas than i think i'll ever have time to execute. you can view my christmas pinboard here. hoorah for pinterest!

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