Saturday, January 21, 2012

little monkey

i realize that i've been taking an unintended hiatus from posting, but that's not because there has been a lack of entertainment coming from my little monkey. on the contrary, he's been doing so many amusing things that it's hard to keep up. he's been experimenting with the "potty train", making phone calls to various imaginary friends (whom he has assured me will be coming over for dinner any day now), and telling me about his "transports". there has been an all-raound growth in the pretending department, which i think is fantastic, and i've been trying to strategically ignore sam so that he uses those great imagining skills.

a few amusing tales from sam's near-past:
sam's sneeze story (as told by Mike): robyn was at work that morning. i was at home with sam. he needed a diaper change, so i took him upstairs to change him. i set him on the changing table (on his back) and he sneezed. of course, he didn't cover his face. he said, "i got bless you all over my face." i laughed. then he mumbled something. then he said something like, "the water went up and then it came back down and that wasn't a good idea."

earlier this month we got a new dishwasher installed. sam still talks about scott, the installer. it was quite the event, and i think scott was having just as much fun listening to/watching sam as sam was watching him.

yesterday sam was goofing around in the living room (walking around with a diaper box on his head, playing with the sofa cushions, generally being silly), and i heard a noise. when i walked into the room he zoomed over to the timeout chair and sat down saying, "i'm in timeout." when i asked him why he was in timeout, he said it was because he was throwing a ball in the living room.

last night at dinner sam decided it would be a good idea to put his last green pea into his chocolate milk. my response, "you put the pea in your milk, now drink it." wouldn't that make a great headline? "parents force child to drink his own pea."

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