Thursday, February 10, 2011

sam at two

snapshots that i want to remember of sam at age two:

how he sings, and sings, and sings. how he wakes up and i can hear him in his bed singing "la la, elmo's world", or when he breaks into the "truck song" or "row, row, row your boat" or "itsy bitsy spider" at the drop of a hat.

how he loves to "wash hands" because it means a chance to stand at the sink and play in the water (and lick the soapy bubbles off his hands).

how when he gets called for dinner, he gives a big "OKAY!" yell before he heads up the stairs, and a big "YES!" if asked if he wants to help with the wash—the excitement is palpable.

how he asks if i'm "okay?" if he hears me drop something or make a loud noise, or says "bless you" when i blow my nose.

how he draws on his magna-doodle—slow and careful and deliberate, and then how it inevitably breaks into an all-out scribble. how he carefully puts the "orange pencil" back into it's spot, and how he says "bye drawing!" before erasing his picture.

i want to remember games of "want some?" when he fixes us drinks and cupcakes and birthday cakes and ice cream—all of which are the most delicious imaginary concoctions that you can imagine

i want to remember sitting down so sam can "fix it"—which means he will sit behind me and "fix" my hair for me

and speaking of fixing it, i love how he will change elmo's diaper and make sure that elmo gets his own snack

i want to remember how he dances to commercials, to songs on sesame street, and to music playing over the loud speakers at the store—this boy is not shy about showing off his moves, and i. love. it.

how, just recently, he's started to ask if he can color, and "mommy color too!"—why, certainly!

how he greets his garbage truck with a huge smile and a "garbage truuuuuuck!" like it's an old friend—which i guess it is—and how he still needs to have his little garbage truck in order to properly appreciate the big garbage trucks on trash day

how he will say "goodbye" or "sleep tight" as he leaves the room, closing the door behind him

how nothing is quite as awesome as a chocolate kiss after dinner, or m's with his peanuts at snacktime, or daddy coming home from work—complete with waves and a round of applause

and most of all, how every day is better with sam because he's amazing and fantastic, even on the days when he is more challenge than child

i love this boy to the stars and beyond.


mom h said...

I hope you put a copy of this in his baby book.

Anonymous said...

I know I'm a sappy, sentimental person, but this entry brought tears to my eyes. It's just so cute! I'm glad you wrote it all down because now you can love all these things forever. I'm amazed by what I forget and by how much I treasure the little memories I took the time to write down. You are setting a good example for me!


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