Thursday, December 9, 2010

how to: felt snowflakes

we've made a ton of these out of paper, but i thought felt ones would make good little gifts for co-workers.
white felt (or white and blue, if you're so inclined)
cutting board
rotary cutter
quilting rule
white thread

step 1: cut 8, .5 inch x 9 inch strips from the white felt.
cut two of these strips in thirds (you will have 6 3 inch x .5 inch strips),
and the remaining 6 in half (you will have 12 4.5 inch x .5 inch strips)

step 2: fold the 3 inch strips in half and stitch the ends together (you will have 6 of these)

step 3: fold one of your longer strips around the small loop and stitch the ends together. make 6 of these.

step 4: take the remaining 6 long strips stitch the open ends together.
stitch the folded end also (this will make them pointed at both ends).

step 5: string the loops all together and stitch the end to the beginning of the string. add some extra stitches until every
thing feels secure, and you're done. easy peasy.

i've tried a couple of variations, but this one is my favorite.
feel free to experiment, and remember to have fun!


Anonymous said...

I relise this post is from years ago, but I have just made my very own felt snowflake and my husband has declared that all our Christmas decorations should be homemade from now on...I'm not sure that's going to happen, but thanks for sharing.

Barbara said...

Very nice tutorial, thanks for sharing!

Soraya Misssouri said...

Hello, Can I choose any of your pics telling the font for a post in my blog?

:) thnx

--r said...

yes, but please credit me and link back.


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