Monday, December 6, 2010

bits and stuff

in other sam news:
- he is currently obsessed with wall-e. apparently the "bo-bots" have replaced our beloved cars for the time being. the best bit: sam will sing "put on your sunday clothes" (from "hello dolly") as it plays during the introduction of the movie (and by sing, i mean he says key words as they come along). it's incredibly cute (as if you needed me to say that.)

- he is memorizing "the lorax". it's not exactly surprising since we're reading it every night (his choice). best bit: if you say "miff-muffered" he will answer "moof". (on a related note for aunt missy: if you say "what color is your underwear, elephant john?" he will say, "oh my! oh my!" in the funniest little voice. i'm working on getting video of it.)

- he also mimics cousin oscar's videos as if he's trying to be oscar's understudy. he is most fond of the s'more video at the moment, but will break into "mmm mmm's" or "sally the camel" on occasion.

- he has discovered the joy of watching the birds on the bird feeder, which means our birds are going to get good and fat this winter.

- he likes to hide under the blankets, and will direct us to "commmmmme in!" and sit with him. we have watched a lot of wall-e undercover lately.

- he is in love with pears. it is the fruit of choice these days.

- he will voluntarily wear his "warm hat" and mittens. he will not, however, wear his snow boots. it is a battle on snowy days.

i'm sure there's more i'm missing. i guess i'll have to update again soon.

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