Thursday, June 10, 2010

amazing mr. sam - 16 months

when sam was born, i was in a panic. i was pretty sure that sam was the most fabulous boy ever, but i was also pretty certain that i was not the most fabulous mom. still, after 16 months and a lot of learning things the hard way, sam has taught me an awful lot. and i think we're doing alright. not always perfect (okay, not really ever perfect), but good. sometimes even real good.

yesterday i dropped him off at daycare—a lot of times, if he's holding his car, he will put up a fight about not being able to take it with him—but yesterday, before he was unbuckled, he handed me his car, as if to say "okay mom. i'm ready to go." it was awesome.

i love how when i ask if he wants to go for "walkies" he will head for the stroller. when i ask if he wants to help with laundry, he'll go to the laundry room with me and will open the washer for me, help to put the clothes in, and will then wait expectantly for them to start spinning. (he is certainly related to his cousin oscar!)

sam is still loving cars and trucks ("big cars!"). he loves to watch the garbage trucks on thursdays. he loves dancing to bob marley, eating cheese and fruit, and brushing his teeth. he loves to take baths and have mommy blow bubbles. he loves to run laps around the house, and even better, to be chased. he loves to find brutus in his buckeye book, find cars in his truck book, and hear about piggies in puddles. he loves to watch videos of himself.

sam likes to go for car rides. he likes getting tickled, piggy-back rides, and spinning until he's dizzy and laughing. he likes watching me vacuum (totally related to oscar). he likes pretending to have a cellphone, and making jokes, and singing itsy-bitsy spider. he even likes eating the weird vegetarian concoctions that his mom makes.

sam gives great hugs, super kisses, and 1000-watt smiles by the handful. he is a joy and a treasure, and luckily for the people he meets, he likes to spread himself around. he's exactly the boy i was hoping to have. and i'm so, so, so lucky.

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Life is good ;)


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