Thursday, May 27, 2010

recipe for a thursday morning


  • 1 adorable boy
  • 1 mom
  • 1 thursday morning
  • a pinch of daddy


  • 6:15am - have boy wake up with soaked diaper. change boy. dress boy.
  • 6:30am - have daddy change sheets in crib, hand boy over to daddy for breakfast time while you (thankfully) shower, brush teeth, and get dressed
  • 7:00am - watch daddy leave for work ("daddy's car!!")
  • 7:15am - share breakfast banana with boy while watching out the front door for cars, then sneak another banana for yourself while boy is distracted
  • 7:30am - put shoes on boy. put shoes on mom. go outside to work in the yard
  • 8:00am - decide whining boy needs to sit still so you can actually DO yardwork. put boy in stroller.
  • 8:30am - discover boy has removed shoe, found clump of dirt on shoe, and put clump of dirt in his mouth. boy discovers clump of dirt does NOT taste good. smart boy.
  • 8:31am - take away shoes (plural), get damp cloth and wipe out boy's mouth, wipe face, wipe hands
  • 8:35am - let complaining boy out of stroller and let him walk around complaining while you attempt to plant, transplant, and mulch the flower beds
  • 9:00am - get out hose to water new plantings
  • 9:15am - water plants, water boy, water mom--we are now all wet
  • 9:35am - put away hose--we are now all wet. also muddy
  • 10:00am - go inside to clean up and change boy
  • 10:20am - go for walkies
  • 10:30am - let boy fall asleep in stroller
  • 11:00am - return to house with boy asleep, hope boy sleeps for another hour or so
  • 11:01am - let boy wake up, figure out (by deciphering various whines and cries) that boy is hungry and wants a snack
  • 11:03am - get boy crackers and sippy cup, go to basement to play with toys, play peek, play ball, look at books, put laundry in the wash
  • 12:09am - go up to fix lunch for boy, promising cheese and grapes--be glad daddy will be home in just six more hours

at least the morning part of the day is done!

1 comment:

Missy said...

your morning was WAY more productive than mine..


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