Thursday, May 27, 2010

believe it or not

believe it or not, but i actually do some things that don't involve sam. for instance, i had four freelance projects to work on this week (on top of the massive wacko project i'm doing for work-work). so far i've made progress on three of them, two are in limbo (the committee doesn't seem to like anything. boo!), and one is complete (i think). i've got one left to go tonight before we are off on our camping trip tomorrow.

speaking of, we are planning to be off on a long weekend enjoying a lovely camping trip and a visit to the american side of niagara falls. i'm sure sam will greet this awesome spectacle with the standard sam reaction--none. :)

(above photo is of my mother's day bouquet. it was gorgeous!)


Missy said...

have fun camping!!! sounds like you need the vacation...

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