Friday, April 16, 2010

sam is...

...loving his blue bear. every superhero needs a sidekick, afterall.
...loving his cheese. we bought him snack cheese sticks. he likes them cut up into little chunks. if you say "cheese" sometimes he will follow with "please" (but it sounds more like "pees"). also loving golden grahams.
...climbing into the rocking chair on his own now (as you can see in the videos). this is pretty neat, except for the fact that he can be a little overzealous about rocking. he fell over backwards this morning and gave himself a scare, and a little bonk on the beezer.
...has a good scrape on his nose and forehead, with a matching bruise. apparently he had a tumble at daycare this past wednesday. he's taking this toddler thing very seriously.

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