Thursday, April 1, 2010

new discoveries

today we discovered:
  • sam loves the playground at the library. especially the part that is just his size. and the little slide on the little part that is just his size. and the fact that they have that squishy turfy stuff where when he falls down and smushes his face on the ground, it totally doesn't bother him at all. awesome.
  • there is a little, 5-year-old boy named edward who lives down the street. he crossed the street just to say hi to sam when we were out walking this afternoon. he wanted to hold him. and then as we went back home for naps, he yelled after us "i love you, baby!" it was a little cute and a little weird.
  • sam is getting molars. three molars have begun to break the surface of his little gums. i believe this is one of the reasons he's been waking up in the wee, early hours of the morning and yelling. i'm hoping the molars will make it quick so that we can get back to the "i like sleeping soundly until seven o'clock" boy.

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