Tuesday, January 20, 2009

in the midst of week 38

so technically i'm not a full 38 weeks, but i'm posting the belly photo anyway.

lately, as i'm getting ready for bed, i think about the fact that in a few weeks i'll be getting two people ready for bed, and both of us will get our own pajamas. it's exciting and scary all at once, but i think mike and i can fake being grown-ups well enough that ninja won't really know it's all an act. or at least, it will take him a little while to figure it out, especially if i'm distracting him with toys and ticklings and stories and other things. that's my plan anyway. the trick will be getting the nieces and nephews not to give up our secret - i'm pretty sure they're aware of the fact that we're not really all that mature.


Ang said...

I think you will fake things just fine. And don't worry nobody will give up your secret. I swear you get funnier the closer it gets to D day.

marta said...

so cute at full term. good luck mama. you're in for the best joy ride of your life.


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