Tuesday, September 2, 2008

next purchases?

i was looking at the selection of maternity clothes at old navy. unfortunately, there isn't a store with a maternity section anywhere close by, but thought since returns are free, it might be worth it to order a few things. what do you think? too risky? did you wear many layering pieces?


missy said...

i had even less of a selection to shop from.. besides walmart, motherhood was an hour and a half away. i worked with what i could find (the hardest to find being khakis i liked and black shirts with collars for work). i remember when it was cold i wore a black cardigan buttoned above my belly a lot and a hooded sweatshirt with the zipper that zips up from the bottom (you have something like that, right?) you'll probably have to do more layering since it's colder there.

those tanks look like theyd be good for layering, and if returns are free, id go for it... it's nice to have a selection of clothes.

--r said...

yeah. i really like the brown pants, and they advertise them as being versatile enough for all 9 months. not to mention that a pair of brown would go with a lot of the stuff i already have that i can still fit into (and plan to wear until the very end.)

missy said...

they do look comfy. i've sent 1black 1jean and 2green.. i was worried that it was too much green, but i guess that sort of green can be used as a neutral? i dunno... you'll see.

those tank tops would also be good under a shirt that's not quite long enough.. i had some shirts that wouldnt quite cover the maternity waistbands on my pants..

--r said...

sounds great! green will go with a lot of things i have too.

i'm excited about getting some good mail!


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