Thursday, January 10, 2013

blog bomb

one of my new year's resolutions is to blog more frequently so that i don't end up spending two hours looking through photos and figuring out how to do an update. i'm still not there yet.
here are a few photos to recap our christmas/new year activities:

little elf in her jinglebell hat • results from the strudel run on christmas eve
lucy in her fancy christmas dress (courtesy of aunt angie) • sam at the christmas eve service

a new red light saber (from santa) • sam and his two light sabers
christmas breakfast at g + g's house • grandpa gets lucy down for a nap with his jedi whistling powers

opening presents • christmas dinner (worth the wait!)

sam and his new star wars ships (awesome!) • getting ready for bed in columbus
back to columbus after the ikea marathon • clean baby for the new year

sam in his jedi cloak (from aunt missy—super stoked!) • grandpa wearing lucy's princess leia hair hat
aunt angie putting the love smack-down on lucy • lucy modeling the hair hat (ultra cute!)

lucy with two of her buddies (edison and brewster) • who's that cute girl in the mirror?
the puzzler and his puzzle • sam's "parking lot and map" picture with signature

look out 2013, we're here and we're gonna make it great!

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