Sunday, July 22, 2012

another little update

bedtime stories • sam making good progress with his training chopsticks • the painting i did for little sister's room (not sure if i like the end result all that much) • 37 weeks (we're "full-term" now people!)

speaking of full-term, we had a good doctor visit last thursday. the midwife said that little girl is in "perfect birth position" which was good news, and though she thought my bump looked small, everything was measuring right on track. according to the scale i've gained about 17 pounds (though it feels more like 70), and her heartbeat was great. to celebrate this new milestone, i actually washed some of the 0–3 month clothes and put them in the dresser so they'd be ready for little sister when she shows up. i'm still not convinced she's going to be small enough to fit in any of those things, but i suppose sam wore some outfits that were equally tiny, so it's possible.

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