Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sam is three!

sam started off his day with a trip to the doctor for his 36 month check-up. the doctor diagnosed him as "wonderful" (not sure that was worth the $30 co-pay, we already knew it). the stats look pretty good 37 inches tall (taller than average) 29 pounds 8 oz. (too heavy for mommy to carry very far).

after lunch, sam and i went to the grocery to pick up a couple of things. interestingly, sam also picked up an imaginary friend that he referred to as "the boy" (or sometimes "my boy"). the boy came home with us in the car (buckled in the front seat, of course), and sam held his hand and walked him to the house. he showed the boy how to use the potty, and wash hands, and then played all kinds of games with the boy for a couple of hours while i baked and frosted and chopped and made messes and cleaned up. i think i enjoyed sam's new friend just as much as he did.

we finished off the day with a little party. sam had hotdogs, chips, cake, ice cream, and a cousin to run around and be loud with, which in sammyland is pretty much what the best day ever looks like.

happy birthday, sam! you make every day an adventure, and i'm looking forward to lots more to come.

a few more photos from sam's birthday bash:

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