Friday, July 22, 2011

recently—a lengthy recap of semi-interesting tidbits having to do with sam

last thursday sam capped off a day of playing "let's test mommy's patience" by being sent to bed early. an hour later i found him coated head-to-toe in buttpaste in his big, red chair (which was also coated in buttpaste—along with large splootches on the floor, wall, and smeared on the window).


sam has recently become quite the conversationalist, often referring to his favorite topics:
"how is your day good?", "daddy? you big daddy?", and "mommy? you big mommy?" (the last two topics to be used when mike and i are having a conversation with each other, and not with him). however, every once in a while, he'll come up with something new and unexpected. for example, a conversation we had earlier today:

sam: i am here now
me: yes. i'm glad you're here now. i'd be sad if you weren't here.
sam: you lost at store.
me: i'd be lost at the store if you weren't here?
sam: *nods knowingly*

interesting. and another:
sam: i'm going zoo. my hair is too long. and blond also.
me: ?


we have invested in a small, inflatable pool for the backyard. originally we thought we'd get a summer family pass for the public pool, but i really couldn't see myself getting all geared up to hang out knowing that we'd probably be there 10 minutes before sam would be too bored, or too cold, or start having meltdowns because some kid has a better toy than he does or someone splashed him or the fountains were too scary, etc. so we have been playing in the pool in the hot mornings before lunch. afterward we've been having freeze-pops on the front porch. sam thinks this is the bees knees.


today we found a (deceased) cicada on the driveway. sam must have found it relatively interesting, because he kept asking to go back out and stare at it.


we also made chocolate chip cookies. sam is a great helper when it comes to dumping things in the mixer, though he has a hard time waiting for the "taste testing" portion of helping.


sam has also been doing a lot more scenarios when playing with me and his cars and trucks. recently it he wants to play "let's go to the zoo" or "it's time to get new trailers!" the games are still not exactly thrilling, but they are getting more involved (i.e. have to come up with dialogue. i never thought i'd need practice conversing with cars.)


last wednesday sam got into trouble at daycare for following around his friend tabitha and taking anything away from her that she wanted to play with (this apparently encompassed any leaf she managed to find on the ground). our daycare provider said that he'd probably be better if he had a sibling. thanks for the advice. apparently she's never heard him fighting with HIMSELF in the backseat of the car over which hand gets to hold the toy first. the boy doesn't need a sibling. he needs a therapist.

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