Thursday, June 9, 2011

mamma needs a new haircut

so now that sam has been appropriately coiffed, i'm turning my mind to my own hair issues.
i've been pondering a cut for a while now, and after much consideration (and a little reading), i think i've come to accept that i want to hold on to my long hair for now. i mean, it's just so practical. i can throw it up in a ponytail in all of five seconds flat, and it doesn't require frequent trims to keep it in shape (which, let's face it, for someone who goes to get their hair cut every 24 months or so, trims every six to eight weeks ain't gonna happen). plus, i think my hair is one of my better attributes, so i might as well have plenty of it, eh?
so what i'm after is basically shaping up what i've got, long with bangs. maybe a little layering. but not lots. because that's where things went a little south last time.

(images via pinterest)

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