Saturday, May 28, 2011

the key to happy parenting

i have decided that the key to being a happy parent is to have an extremely amusing child. and i'm extremely happy, because mine is currently scoring a 10 in amusingness. a few examples:

- each time i stopped the cart at the grocery today, he announced "we're here!" and climbed out of the car. after we had chosen our food (apples, bananas, mustard) he climbed back in and steered wildly to the next item on the list.

- his ability to count to four, which sometimes goes like this: "one, two, free, GO!"

- his wonderful rendition of yewwow sumbarine, "we will live…sumbarine! we will live…sumbarine!" (this is also his movie pick of the week.)

- his request to be strapped into his (temporarily relocated) carseat in the living room while watching the movie of the week. (which was also awesome because i knew he wasn't getting into any mischief while i was fixing lunch. i am researching the installation of seatbelts for the couch, which would also be stellar for timeouts.)

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