Friday, April 22, 2011

dying for easter eggs

we attacked our eggs last night. sam was quite enthusiastic (at the beginning anyway), resulting in at least one puddle of dye ending up on the floor. he had some good assistance from daddy, and we employed the "oscar method" (using regular crayons as well as the clear ones), which helped keep sam (and daddy) busy. he liked writing his name by himself—saying as he went, "A, M, Y. sammy." he's never really participated at this level before, and it's fun to see his reaction to all this easter business.
the results were fun and colorful, and sam has been asking for eggs every time we open the fridge. i hope he's still this excited come sunday.

funny note: while i was boiling the eggs before dying, sam kept looking at them and saying, "pop!" apparently this has something to do with the tiny caterpillar popping out of it's egg one sunday morning."

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