Tuesday, November 2, 2010

my mother doesn't blog

we interrupt project week to bring you this special update:

my mother (despite much poking and prodding by her daughters), does not have a blog. so on her behalf i'm posting a couple of photos of sam's wonderful, gorgeous, fantastic "grandma quilt".
i thought other people ought to be ooo-ing and ahh-ing along with me. feel free to join in any time now.

we went by the house today to pick up dad/grandpa for a playdate at the park, and mom/grandma said we could take possession of the quilt with the stipulation that i take some good photographs. i took many.
now i just need to remember to burn them to a cd for her.
thanks grandma! it will be well-loved and well-used.


Ang said...


Julie Fukuda said...

That is a lot better photo than the one I got at the reunion. Doesn't she do super work!!! Don't get her blogging or she'll never get any quilts done. HA HA


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