Tuesday, October 19, 2010

what we've been up to - collecting

when the acorns started falling, sam was so enthralled with picking them up that i thought it would be fun for him to have a collection. so, every time we go for a walk, we pick up an acorn or two. it's a lot of fun to see all the different kinds that we can find just on our normal romps out and about. so far we've talked about the different sizes that acorns come in, but i think when sam gets a little older, we might look up the different kinds together in the tree guide so we can learn which acorns belong to which trees.
i'm especially fond of finding the acorns with their "hats" still on (and i've glued a bunch of them so that they'll keep their little caps in place.)


mom h said...

A note of wisdom from an old acorn collector: sometimes worms come out of them. As a child I saved a big grocery bag full of acorn ammunition in the basement, and forgot that they were there. My mom actually heard the munching in the bag.

Julie Fukuda said...

That is an amazing collection. We have some cool ones here as well but the worm thing might be a problem. Wonder if a microwave would kill the larvae....


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