Friday, March 26, 2010

a quick sammy update

sam is a walking wiz: in the last few weeks, he's become a pretty great walker. i'm glad he's not running yet, but i'm afraid it won't be long before i'll be sprinting after him.

sam likes to get tackled: he knows that when he holds the football, someone will come and tackle him. he makes sure that we see that he's holding the ball, and sits there expectantly with a very large grin on his face. cuteness!

sam likes to be tickled: i think his ticklespots are growing by the day. he loves to be chased and tickled, and i'm more than willing to oblige. he also has the best laugh.

sam can shake his head "yes": he's finally starting to figure out "no" and "yes" and will shake his head in a very exaggerated way. it's extremely adorable.

sam is working on words: his favorite words are baby, picture, piggies, clock, and cracker. i think he's also working on "oscar". he likes to look at the baby picture of cousin oscar.

sam can totally work the stairs: he is awesome. i barely worry about him going up or down anymore, but i don't like him to go anywhere without me and try to keep a close eye on him. he has gotten away from us on a few occasions though.

sam takes bites: we don't have to break up his crackers or bread for him anymore. in fact, he will protest if you try. he wants the chance to show off his chompers, and seems to have figured out that he doesn't really have to shove the entire piece of food in his mouth at once. he's also very good at trying new foods, and is not put off by spices or sauces or something different. if it's on someone else's plate (especially grandpa henderson's), he wants to try it.

sam rocks: he loves to sit in the kid size rocking chair and rock back and forth. he can't get into the seat on his own yet, but he's not shy in letting you know that that's where he wants to be.


Missy said...

i can't wait to see what he's doing in august!

Missy said...

is that book by karen katz? it's got the same look as a book oscar has...

--r said...

yep. he got it from my boss ("aunt" janice). he likes to find the baby on the last page.

mom h said...

Tackled, tickled and talking tot, totally tantalizing


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