Wednesday, December 9, 2009

i really believe i NEEEEEEEEEEEEED this

perhaps it's been kicked into high gear from watching one too many seasons of project runway (is that possible? maybe), but i've always had a hankering to design my own clothes. i remember designing a whole mix-and-match summer wardrobe, which my mother (in her infinite wonderfulness) actually sewed for me (thanks mom!) and recently, when i was going through a bin of clothes to hand down to my niece, i noticed a real tendency to sew, cut, resew, tie-dye, iron-on and reconfigure my clothing. most of the items had been, at the very least, re-hemmed to fit me. there was at least one skirt that had gone through several incarnations in length.
also, i'm not exactly a cookie-cutter-i-can-wear-things-right-off-the-hanger-type person, and when i shop for clothes i have very (very, very) specific ideas about what i want (and can rarely find it with a pricetag i'm willing to pay). it would be nice to have the confidence to be able to build those non-existent garments myself - or when i see things that i like, but want to change this about it. or that. or have it taken in here - i could just whip up my very own perfect version.
so, i'm adding this book to my wishlist. even if i don't have the time right now to actually sew. maybe if i could design and sew, i'd spend less time looking around the internet for the perfect little denim jacket. maybe.

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