Tuesday, November 10, 2009

9 months old

sam has officially made it to the 9-month mark with only minor bumps and bruises. this is a very good thing, because i believe his warranty has already expired. 

things i love about this 9 month old:
  • he likes to dance, and i like watching him shake his boo-tay
  • given the opportunity, he will sit and look through books, and is generally pretty careful with them (i only let him handle his own books though)
  • when he needs something (food, picking up), he says "muh muh muh" - i like to pretend he's saying mama
  • he looks angelic when he's sleeping, even though i know he probably had a hissy getting to sleep
  • he lets me shower kisses down on him (especially his fuzzy, little head) and is usually content to give me a hug or two (if he's not too busy)
  • raspberries on his neck crack him up
  • so does my singing
  • he just gets more fun and awesome every day
new things he can do:
  • signal for more finger foods by gesturing
  • cruise around the furniture
  • climb stairs (not encouraged)
  • understand "no" (but sometimes laughs and does it anyway)
  • drop things and look to see where they fall (and get confused when i catch whatever it is before it hits the floor)
  • and probably a ton of other stuff i'm forgetting
his well visit is on the 20th, so stay tuned for the stats!


Catherine said...

What a cutie! I too loved the 9 month age...Hubby kept saying he couldn't wait till our son was 2 and he could walk and talk...he took it back just recently ;0)

tattytiara said...

Woah did I ever stumble into a truck load of cute!


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