Monday, May 11, 2009

a happy mothers' day

my first mothers' day as a mom was pretty sparkly. i got to spend the whole day with my boys - going to church and visiting with grandparents, going for a long, lovely walk/hike at the park, and having dinner with family.

one of my favorite parts was getting to use my new mug from sam and mike. it makes excellent oatmeal. i can't wait to see if it makes good soup too.

being sammy's mom is pretty awesome. i get the best gifts every day - smiles and hugs and chances to give kisses to the cutest little belly - and i'm finally starting to get my mom powers. hurrah!


missy said...

that sounds great! the mug is so cute! where'd they do that?

--r said...

it's called "hands on pottery"

ang said...

You've had those Mom powers from the start, you were just to tired to use them :) Happy Mothers Day


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