Tuesday, March 31, 2009


we've got a good selection of children's books, but we're starting to run out of new stories, so i'm trying to institute a weekly trip to the library. last friday the three of us walked up and got seven books—one for each night of the week. we picked a few old favorites (caps for sale, where the wild things are) and a bunch of stories that were new to us. my favorite of the new-to-us titles so far has been pirates don't change diapers. it had fun illustrations and the story was cute.

mike's become our bedtime reader. it was his idea to have a matinee book, a feature presentation, and an encore. the matinee is always the feature from the previous night, the feature is a new book, and then the encore is always goodnight moon. sometimes when sam has already dozed off, we still read the stories because we want to hear them. it's a lot of fun.

i'm also compiling a list of books to look for at the library. on the list now:

if you've got a favorite book from your bedtime routine, let me know. i'm always looking for suggestions!

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missy said...

i think it's no coincidence that some of oscar's favorite books are also books that aunt robyn picked out.. llama llama red pajama, iggy peck architect and the potty book are favorites here. right now he's also loving that spaghetti book. for awhile this one: fish kisses was on our list of must reads.

we only read two books a night, but i love mike's idea! some nights oscar has a hard time picking out books, but some nights he knows just which ones he wants to read (last night was the 'uhoh spaghetti book' and 'llama jama')

oh yeah.. and the book you gave me for christmas 'my little sister ate one hare'.. i almost forgot to mention it, but oscar started saying 'spit them out and twice!' over and over. (my little sister ate six mice, she spit them out and ate them twice!)


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