Wednesday, February 18, 2009


sam and i went for our first walk together today. i was bored of being inside, and he was feeling loud and unhappy, so we bundled up and got him in the carrier and we went out into the drizzle.
unfortunately, i didn't get any photos of him in his blue fuzzy suit. he fussed as he was getting dressed for the cold, and fussed when it was time to get undressed, so i decided to forgo the photos. needless to say, he was rather cute - especially since the suit is way too big right now and makes him look tinier than he is.
anywho, we walked around the neighborhood and down to aunt karen and uncle doug's house and back. it took sam all of three blocks before he was asleep. this wasn't exactly surprising. he did the same thing when he was still on the inside.
image via here.

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